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Security Cameras:

Security Cameras

Camera Catalog-Electrical MarketFirst Alert/BRK has introduced a line of Security Cameras targeted towards the small business owner and high-end residential market. Until now, your customer’s options have been limited. Spend thousands on the design, installation and maintenance of complicated security systems or sacrifice quality and features for other entry level systems. First Alert Security Cameras have all of the important features your customers need for their small to medium security monitoring requirements.

  • Complete packages - Easy to install kits
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras with night vision
  • Passive IR motion detection DVR recording systems with large storage capacities
  • Expandable storage with pre-wired SATA cables inside the wired systems
  • Pro-Series Cameras with higher TV lines (520 and above) for clear resolution
  • Wired and wireless kits for added versatility
  • Wired systems are Internet/mobile phone ready

Perfect for:

  • High-end Residential - New or Remodel
  • Light Commercial
  • Small Business/Retail
  • Small Warehouse


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  • Wireless Cameras
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BRK Wired Cameras Models:
PRO-CM520 image
PRO-CMD520 image
PRO-D1610 image
PRO-D810 image
PRO-CM600 image
PRO-CMD600 image
DCAD8810-700 image
DCAD8410-700 image
DCAD8810-70019 image
DVRAD-0810 image
DVRAD-1620 image
CM700 image
CMD700 image
Wired Cameras

Wired BarFirst Alert Security Camera systems are available in systems that can accommodate up to 16 cameras. For most residential and small business applications this is sufficient for covering a front and rear entrance along with several inside locations like the cash register, storage area, key warehouse locations or residential interior rooms.
 ALL BRK Wired Cameras

Wired systems provide the most secure camera monitoring and are perfect for new construction or anywhere access to an open cable run is available. In addition, the wired systems supply power to the cameras from the cable so no electrical outlets are required near each camera.


What is the maximum distance you need to cover?

Longer runs may require an upgrade to RG59 Coax cable. First Alert kits ship with economical AV cable that is designed to work well up to the length of cable provided, usually around 60 feet. If longer distances between camera and DVR are required, you will need to upgrade to RG59 Coax cable. We provide several lengths up to 300 feet. In addition, if you need to run cable for in-wall installations, then you may require fire rated cable, FT-4/CMR UL approved for in-wall installations.


Do you need to monitor your system via the Internet?

Our wired systems have the capability of being monitored using any internet connection or via a smart phone.

BRK Wireless Cameras Models:
DWB-740 image
DWB-700 image
DWS-471 image
DWS-472 image
DWS-401 image
DWC-400 image
DWH-471 image
DWH-472 image
DWH-400 image
DWIP-720 image
Wireless Cameras

Wireless BarWireless Systems:

First Alert wireless systems operate on a secure 2.4 GHz digital signal using frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. This FHSS technology is highly resistant to narrowband interference and is difficult to intercept. However, as with any wireless transmission, it can be subject to interference, interception or jamming under certain conditions. Wireless signals can be significantly reduced depending on the structures the signal must go through. Concrete, copper and metal pipes and heating ducts tend to reduce the signal length.


In addition, the camera needs to be plugged in to a 120V outlet near the camera. If no outlets are available they will need to be installed first.
 ALL BRK Wireless Cameras

Do you need audio surveillance?

Our wireless systems and some of our wired cameras have the capability of audio surveillance and recording. Be aware that audio surveillance in some states is illegal or requires permission from one or both parties to record someone’s voice. Laws are also different from residential vs. commercial applications. Be sure to check with state or local authorities in your area for laws that may affect your installation.

BRK Camera Accessories Models:
DC-1 image
YS-1 image
BNC-50 image
BNC-100 image
BNC-300 image
PRO-DC2 image
PRO-DC3 image
PRO-DC4 image
PRO-DC5 image
Camera Accessories

Accessories BarFirst Alert Camera Accesories provide added convenience and security options.

 ALL BRK Camera Accessories

Look for our accessory line to grow

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