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Millions of alarms
are coming to end-of-life

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Many states adopted Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm requirements in 2012.
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CO & Combo alarms featured sensors with an end-of-life signal.
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Time's up! Race to replace the alarms in affected buildings!

How to tell an alarm is at end-of-life

1. Check Date Code

Remove one alarm from the mounting bracket and check date of manufacture printed on the back. If dated 2013 or earlier, the alarm needs replacement. Continue checking alarms on site as many buildings had alarms installed in all units at same time.

2. End-of-Life Signal

Alarm “chirps” 5 times with 5 Green LED flashes once per minute. These chirps will repeat even if batteries are replaced.


BRK alarms in 2013 were designed for 7-Year end-of-life. The states highlighted in blue adopted CO legislation in 2013 and will be experiencing the end of live "chirp".

To stay up to date on all legislative requirements, click here to view the interactive legislation map.

Find The Alarm That Works For You...

10-Year Battery
Smoke & CO Combo
10-Year Hardwired
Smoke & CO Combo
Battery Carbon
Monoxide Only

Combination Alarms (Smoke & CO Sensors)

10-Year Sealed Battery
10-Year Battery
Photoelectric Smoke & CO Combo
1039781 (PRC710V)
10-Year Battery
Photoelectric Smoke & CO
Combo with Voice
Hardwired (Includes Battery Backup)
Hardwired Ionization
Ionization Smoke & CO Combo
10-Year Hardwired Ionization
Smoke & CO Hardwired
1042734 (SC7010LBLV)
10-Year Hardwired
Photoelectric Smoke & CO Combo with Voice

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Battery Alarms
9V Battery
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
9V Battery Carbon Monoxide
Alarm with Battery Drawer
Hardwired (Includes Battery Backup)
Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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