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The BRK 10-Year product lineup provides hands off, care free devices that are either hardwired with 10-Year battery backup or battery powered with a 10-Year sealed lithium powercell battery - eliminating the need for numerous battery replacements throughout the life of the alarm.

First Alarm

Install it. Done.

Builders selling the home or multifamily living space can break even installing 10 Year alarms over classic replaceable battery alarms in just 1 Year assuming they have ONE call back for replacing batteries in that year for the new homeowner.

Why Install BRK 10-Year Alarms

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind for 10 years

Improve Warranty & Reduce Call-Backs

Improve Warranty & Reduce Call-Backs

Eliminate Battery Replacements

Eliminate Battery Replacements for 10-years

Homeowner Value & Cost Savings

Homeowner Value & Cost Savings

See how BRK 10-Year alarms provide peace of mind for your new build.

See how BRK 10-Year alarms provide maximum protection for your home.

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