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Your Partner for Over 65 Years

BRK has been your partner in fire safety since 1958. Now part of the Resideo family, helping to deliver global solutions for energy management, home comfort, security and safety. All Resideo products, services and brands are tied together with the vision of simplifying life, in a world where people are healthy, happy and secure.

Our History

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First residential smoke alarm was released

First Alert icon


Retail line “First Alert” was created

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First plastic head fire extinguisher line was developed

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First battery operated carbon monoxide alarm was released

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First 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm was released

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Line of safes & security cameras was launched

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First combination smoke & CO alarm was released

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First alarms with voice alert technology were released

First Alert Tundra fire extinguishing spray icon


First fire extinguishing spray, Tundra, was launched

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First line of compact photoelectric smoke alarms was released

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First micro alarm was released

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First 10-year wireless alarm was released

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Acquired by Resideo

With the goal to make the world a safer place, three friends Harold Burke, Howard Roberts, and Wayne Kimberline, set out to develop a high-quality, reliable commercial smoke detector. In 1964 our founders realized that goal and Burke, Roberts, and Kimberline (B, R, & K), brought their first professional smoke alarm to market. For over 60 years, BRK Brands has been guided by their mission and designed innovative solutions that fundamentally transform the way people live.

From classic hardwired alarms to interconnected technologies, BRK is The Professional Standard. From releasing the first battery-powered smoke detector that received an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing to being the first to retail market with a battery-operated smoke alarm, to developing the first dual photoelectric/ionization alarm and beyond, we've had a long legacy of firsts. And through it all, we've remained dedicated to delivering quality, easy-to-install products that help protect what matters most while educating professionals and homeowners alike on fire and carbon monoxide safety.

In the past six and a half decades, BRK has become a staple brand for professional installers in single and multi-family homes, maintenance, repair, remodeling, commercial, and new construction industries.

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